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To be frantic is almost to be ironic in my mind. In highly stressful situations, becoming frantic is a natural response but one that it extremely counter-productive due to the level of clarity it throws out of the window.

Clarity is key.

I missed my connecting train yesterday and thought I was going to be stranded in a station all night. I instantly went into a frantic state of mind, then managed to realise that if I asked one of the station staff I would probably find an alternative route and that I did.

I shan’t bore everybody with how clarity is important, we all know this!

The best we can hope to do in most situations is breathe and think, in that order.



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So today I received the news that I unfortunately didn’t receive a job position I really wanted. The role itself was similar to the volunteering I currently undertake, though included a lot more responsibility.

The real kicker is that I only lost to the successful candidate by half a mark, in an area that I don’t really have experience in – funding. This week has been a particularly busy week for me, with 3 job interviews in 4 days and things in between I’ve certainly been tested more than usual this week.

As you have probably guessed by this point, I’m disappointed about not getting that particular job as it would have enabled me to make a big difference to a cause I really respect. People have tried consoling me by stating “this just means you’re going to find something better” and “it all happens for a reason”. The truth is, I don’t necessarily believe that but I’m still extremely happy that I have one or two people who are willing to support me.

Being upset about something that meant a lot to you is never a bad thing. It helps you see that it meant a great deal to you and I always encourage those around me to express themselves, even if it feels a little silly at times.

I’m not just going to say “I’ll brush myself off and get back out there this instance!”. I’m going to let myself be a little upset for today, then treat tomorrow as my chance to start again. Trying to rush through what you’re feeling is like trying to rush your meal. You may want to rush your dinner so you can eat dessert straight away. that’s great until a little later on when you’re feeling like crap.

“Disappointments are to the soul what thunderstorms are to the air” – Friedrich Schiller

Dropping the pace

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Whenever I’m nervous or feeling some kind of strong emotion, I pace. Notoriously, I pace no matter what emotion I’m feeling and today is no different. I have a job interview today at 4PM in Stockport and I’m feeling quite nervous.

On the plus side, I get to enjoy a train journey.

On the other hand, it’s a fairly long day of travelling and them nerves do not often go away for too long.

Ironically, once I’m actually in the interview I become quite confident and generally converse quite well. Being a strong communicator is something I’ve always prided myself on and I’m fortunate enough to have the opportunity to express this in a variety of different ways.

Instead of just pacing in circles and wandering the house looking for some kind of purpose (great cardio by the way), I decided to come to my laptop and ramble for 10 minutes about whatever pops into my head regarding this situation.

No matter how many times you do something, I think there is always that sense of anxiety surrounding it. You never really stop being nervous, you just handle it a lot better due to the amount of times you’ve done it and also upon comparison of all the times in which you succeeded. Public speaking is a great example of this – even the incredibly influential people such as Richard Branson note that they’re nervous when public speaking.

That being said, nerves remind you that you care about something. If you’re not anxious about something, I think you’re either incredibly lucky or it just means something to you.

What I’m going to try and do today is actually keep a little bit of a diary regarding what is happening which I’ll compile at the end of my day. I feel like it’d be great to look back on what actually happened today and it would certainly be a welcome distraction from any nerves that want to make a resurgence.

Due to the location I’ll be out pretty much all day from what is to be a 2 hour interview process, so hang in there and hopefully we’ll be able to throw something pretty good together!



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When going about our lives, it’s easy to constantly focus on everything on a large scale. We focus on the interactions that are meaningful to us and we don’t often think about the micro interactions that are going on around us.

Wouldn’t it make a pleasant change?

When I was in the cafe last week, I found it really relaxing to just people watch and let my mind have a little wander in a different direction for a change. What’s that person doing? Do they study? What do they do when they get home?

Of course I don’t just fixate on a particular person or thing, I just go wherever the mood takes me. From a personal viewpoint, focusing on micro interactions helps me focus a little less on my own mood should I be in a bad one. This isn’t to say it’s an escape that will always help you run away from your issues, just a brief relief from whatever may be eating you up a little.

The past week or so has been quite difficult for me for a number of reasons – relationship issues, university pressure, employment pressure, the typical things that are able to wear a person down should they all choose to hit at once. Taking the time to focus on the small things, the individuals you may never interact with and the sights you normally don’t see, is a great relief and helps to show that there is more going on that what you’re feeling at that moment in time.

Prowling for new blogs to follow

I’m sat in the library just pondering my Reader page on the WordPress app and noticing something – I barely have any new content popping up! What gives?!

Everybody puts a lot of time and effort into creating really good content and unless I spend my entire day searching particular tags, I struggle to find new content and I do really enjoy a casual browse when I’m having a cup of tea or walking between places.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how to find a bunch of likeminded bloggers who are happy to be quite interactive? I love the idea of having a bigger sense of community about my blog.

Thank you in advance!

Slimming World – week 4

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Just wanted to keep you all appraised in what seems to be becoming a pretty positive and regular journey for both you folks and myself!

I’ve only gone ahead and lost another 3.5 pounds! This brings my total weight loss in 3 weeks to 10.5 pounds! If I’m strict enough to try and hit 3.5 pounds gain, that will take me to my first stone lost which is an incredible achievement for me.

For this post I wanted to share a couple of tips and foods that have helped me so far, and also share a couple of things that will hopefully help me in the future and by proxy help you.


  • It isn’t about cutting down – this was my biggest issue before actually making an effort to lose weight, I thought it would be a journey of everlasting hunger and mediocre food. No sir. I’ve probably eaten more food than I did before, the only difference being that I have cut out the rubbish.
  • Eat often and well – I used to live off around 4 meals a day; breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper. I still do this, but I also add so much more variety to meals by just chopping up a few vegetables and adding them into the mix. I now snack exclusively on fruit, bananas in particular because of how filling they are and also how versatile they can be. Don’t be afraid to snack, just make sure it’s a healthy snack.
  • Bulk food – making large amounts of food to store and freeze is probably one of the best ideas you’ll have when it comes to having healthier meals. You can do a quick internet search and find meals you can freeze such as bolognese, chilli, savoury mince, lasagne, kievs, meatballs, and so many more! There will be times when you just can’t be bothered to prep a whole meal, so don’t! Make enough for 3/4 serving and just freeze the rest. You can then reheat it in the microwave, oven or pan and you’re sorted.

Foods (and drinks) that help me:

  • Fruit and vegetables – this goes without saying; the majority of fruit and vegetables are great and you can have as many as you want and not feel guilty in the least. Be careful though – certain fruits such as raisins contain quite a high sugar content, especially when compared to how much they’ll fill you up. Avocado, whilst being praised as a super food, are also pretty fatty so go forth with caution!
  • Fish – admittedly a food source that I was never particularly keen on, but in recent times I have grown to love the taste and the versatility. I’ve found that salmon is a really great fish, it can be baked, fried or poached, can be served as a fillet or can easily be flaked. Usually you can also get it cooked in different flavours that add a whole range of versatility to it. For those people who don’t want to spend a fortune, salmon trimmings are a great way to get salmon for a third of the price.
  • Water – I know, I know. Water is kind of essential anyway, but none of us really appreciate how far a glass of water can go. We should be aiming for around 2 litres a day, which always seems like so much. One good thing about a glass of water though? When paired with a meal, it’ll help you feel so much fuller. I try and have a big glass (usually a pint) of water with most meals and drink tea throughout the day.
  • Carbs – I know we often associated carbs with being the enemy but if you control your portion sizes and serve them the right way, you’re onto a winner that will keep you feeling full for a good amount of time. 75 grams of pasta is usually a pretty decent amount once it’s paired with vegetables and such, and this is coming from a guy who can put a lot of food away.

I appreciate this was a longer post than usual, so I hope you were able to take something away from this.

If there is a demand for it, I am more that happy to put up some recipes that may help you a little should you be hoping to lose some weight. Let me know what you think and if you need anything, just comment!



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In the past couple of years, Britain has seen what are (in my opinion) dark times regarding those who we would call ‘foreign’.

Personally, I can’t imagine how we can expect to have a more understanding world if we’re determined to keep building these monstrous walls and erecting barriers to shut the outside world off from us. Globalisation is an incredible thing and we’d undoubtedly not have any of the technology or culture we currently have without opening our minds and arms to it.

It would be easy to turn this into a mega-rant regarding the state of the world, but we’re all probably aware of this and have been for some time.

Quite simply, I will always have a large amount of time dedicated to understanding others that we would call ‘foreigner’ and in my experience they have much more to contribute to society in terms of both resources and culture than the majority of citizens who are from this country.

I can’t fathom living in a country that would be so stubborn as to blame a foreigner for their own shortcomings, purely because it feels as though it’s the easiest thing to do.