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When going about our lives, it’s easy to constantly focus on everything on a large scale. We focus on the interactions that are meaningful to us and we don’t often think about the micro interactions that are going on around us.

Wouldn’t it make a pleasant change?

When I was in the cafe last week, I found it really relaxing to just people watch and let my mind have a little wander in a different direction for a change. What’s that person doing? Do they study? What do they do when they get home?

Of course I don’t just fixate on a particular person or thing, I just go wherever the mood takes me. From a personal viewpoint, focusing on micro interactions helps me focus a little less on my own mood should I be in a bad one. This isn’t to say it’s an escape that will always help you run away from your issues, just a brief relief from whatever may be eating you up a little.

The past week or so has been quite difficult for me for a number of reasons – relationship issues, university pressure, employment pressure, the typical things that are able to wear a person down should they all choose to hit at once. Taking the time to focus on the small things, the individuals you may never interact with and the sights you normally don’t see, is a great relief and helps to show that there is more going on that what you’re feeling at that moment in time.


Author: alexjameswise

A university student who enjoys reading and writing.

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