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Source: Overcoming Social Anxiety

There are not many things that can be considered on worse or even on par with being bullied. Being a victim of bullying is horrifying and often leaves scars that the victim will carry their whole lives.

What about invisibility?

There are those people who float through life barely being noticed or acknowledged and we only seem to notice when something bad happens to them. The people in our classes or workplaces that are unable to interact with others, the people in our student accommodation who are not seen for a week and nobody questions it, the people who are just trying to get by and potentially have a day with of somebody saying hi.

I’m at a point in my life in which I have very few friends, but know what it’s like to have people make an effort to chat to you throughout the day and even just wave if they’re unable to spare the time. I can’t imagine being invisible.

We can never claim to know what someone is feeling, though fortunately there is a way in which we can gain this information – we can ask. Whether or not that person tells us the truth is only part of the story – making the effort to extend that ‘how are you?’ could be the difference between that person having a good day or a bad day. Isn’t that incentive enough?

If anything is to be taken away, it isn’t that you should engage in conversation with every single person your gaze falls upon. No, simply that if you notice somebody who seems to be sitting on their own, throw them a wave or a smile. What may seem like nothing to you, may be all someone else wants.


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