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Source: Vision Psychology

To be stifled – what an irritating feeling, probably one of the worst there are! We as a race are bound by time, and that time is often passing a lot quicker than we realise, this we all know. What people don’t seem to know is that, our time is too valuable to allow for us to be stifled.

When I feel I have a good idea, or when I think something should be done, I never want to feel as though somebody is restricting my ability to act on this idea.

There are of course exceptions governed by social obligation and the law, but there are so many circumstances in which we’re stifled for reasons that just don’t seem to make sense at all. Whether somebody thinks they’re sparing you the pain of failure or sparing themselves the pain of you succeeding, who knows! The point is, our time is fleeting and the more we allow ourselves to be stifled, the more reluctant we are to think at all.

Though there are times in which we stifle ourselves, stop ourselves from thinking a particular thing because we may believe it will lead nowhere, or we’re scared of where it could actually take us. This needs to stop. People can be arseholes, they can enjoy stifling you and your ideas because of their own misery. Why do it to yourself?


Author: alexjameswise

A university student who enjoys reading and writing.

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