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Source: Possibility Through Curiosity

Inkling, suspicion, hint, idea, notion. All of these terms ultimately lead us to the same place – the beginning.

An inkling is the foundation of all thought and is something that I believe to be a greatly underestimated tool within thinking. For whatever reason – fear, embarrassment, lack of ambition – people are often terrified of chasing theories and ideas on an inkling. Now I’m not going to sit here and say that the fear isn’t well founded, because it certainly is! Chasing down an idea based on an inkling is as terrifying as it is potentially rewarding.

The only regrets people seem to have however are related to not chasing down these inklings, long-shots and maybe-nots. Letting opportunity pass you by is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Grabbing that opportunity with both hands however and allowing yourself to be led by an inkling could easily lead to nothing, maybe even something a little negative, but how would you live otherwise?!

Uncertainty isn’t something to be afraid of, it’s inevitable. Not chasing that glimmer of maybe is something we should all be afraid of.

I, like most people, have had success and failures with inklings. I’ve chased opportunities only to have been wrong about them as well as not chasing opportunities and never knowing if I could’ve been right. I hope to inspire people to follow theories and ideas based on only an inkling, and I hope to see these inklings grow into maybe’s and for them maybe’s to then grow into realities.

The thing about having an inkling is unless you take a leap of faith and start exploring it, you may as well not have any idea at all and to me, that’s pretty damn sad.

Inkling, suspicion, hint, idea, notion. Successes have been born from less.


Author: alexjameswise

A university student who enjoys reading and writing.

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