To the majority of people, this word means the same thing and that is; “a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.”. These coincidences can be particularly mundane such as you and your friend wearing the same shirt to a night out, or they can be much more significant. One such significance that the world seems to revel in, is the sun and moon aligning.

The meaning behind coincidence however varies massively between different people. Some people are quite happy with just accepting that coincidences happen ‘just because’, whereas other people are not quite satisfied with that answer and look for a deeper meaning within this area. There are also a wealth of people who believe that coincidence doesn’t exist at all and prefer to think of things as fate and enjoy the term “synchronicity”.

I often think that my girlfriend and I get along better than most people, which leads me to believe that our meeting was a coincidence. My girlfriend and I both have one mutual friend, I happened to befriend this girl on my first day of university as my girlfriend also did – my girlfriend and I were both invited to the same party and we hit it off. The chances of us both being invited to the same party were quite high as we are both friends with this girl, the chances of us both enjoying each others company more than anybody else’s though? These deeper questions are the ones that cause us to look further into coincidence.

I have to admit that I personally don’t look too deeply into coincidence, no reason for it at all apart from the fact that I don’t often put that much thought into it. Some people however are capable of putting extreme thought into it and where I see something as coincidence, others may see it as a sign.

This is quite often seen within a religious aspect. Somebody may pray for a member of their family to recover from a sickness, and a few days later find that said family member has started to recover from said sickness. Coincidence? Divine intervention? Who am I to suggest a definite answer – people know they are welcome to believe whatever brings them the most peace and what they believe to be true.

I do often wish I could see things as more than I do. I would love to believe that coincidence is really a sign from a deity that things are planned in a certain way, but I also despise the thought of having so little control over my own life. This issue by any means is not a new one and has caused debate for as long as philosophical debates have occurred.

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