There are a few things that I have become enamoured with over the years: my girlfriend, reading, writing and seeing new places – though I was to avoid writing about those different things, there are many times to write about such topics and I don’t believe this to be one of those times. To become enamoured is to be filled with fire, love, vigour and as such deserves its own time to shine rather than the symptoms being listed.

There are very few people who won’t feel this sensation in their lifetime and there are fewer still who appreciate this feeling for what it is. It is our reason for living and the different between that and existing. Whether this feeling is brought about by your partner, money, fame or power, it is something that deserves time and appreciation.

Personally the one thing I’m most thankful for is that we as a species are blessed with the ability to feel it altogether. Now, I am a man of understanding – I like to gather information and make judgements using it and I feel much more comfortable the more information I can ascertain regarding most things, apart from this one. The fact we will never be able to truly understand this level of love and passion doesn’t irritate me the way it would if it were any other feeling, but quite the opposite. I look at my girlfriend and think momentarily “how on Earth do you make me so happy? Genuinely?!” then sit back and smile as I remember there is no logical answer, amused by the hopelessness of attempting to find one.

If you take one thing away from this post then please let it be this; taking meaning from something and looking for an answer for something are not the same thing. To question something that can’t have an answer time taken away from enjoying that something.


Author: alexjameswise

I'm just hear to air a few thoughts.

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