I have been an avid reader for as long as I can remember, reading and spelling better than most people my age when I was young. However, I never seemed to have a particular talent for poetry, which is what made this particular accomplishment very special.

When I was 9, our teachers challenged us to write a poem with the promise of a great prize to those who’s poems were the best. Me in my childlike wonder thought “I’m definitely going to win that super amazing mega gaming room” (spoiler alert: that was not the prize unfortunately). So there we all were, trying to invent this beautiful piece of poetry at aged 9, talking with one another about what paths we were going down with it whilst secretly fishing for fresh ideas just in case.

To my absolute amazement, my poem was one of those selected as a winner – fantastic! What was my prize to be? Theme park tickets? An electric scooter? A Playstation 2?! No, my prize was something far better and is something that still excites me to this day. The poems were selected to feature in a book named “A Pocket Full of Rhyme“. This prize right here was, and to this day still is, one of the best things I have ever received through my letter box. The books were available to buy, with the winners receiving theirs for free.

This seemingly unfathomable opportunity was what inspired me to take writing a little more seriously, seeing those words I had written on paper in a book was breathtaking and I bragged about it for roughly 13 years. This opportunity is one that could’ve easily slipped away from me, which allows me the chance to say this; take every opportunity you can with both hands. Don’t limit yourself to the opportunities that seem feasible and accessible – stretch further.


Author: alexjameswise

A university student who enjoys reading and writing.

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