The job interview (uh oh)

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As a graduate with a BA in Management and Business, I have gained several skills that allow me to be rather eloquent and often successful within interviews. For the first time in my adult life, I had what I would describe as a terrible interview and I’d love to share the reasons with you.

I should stress before beginning, the ironic thing about this whole experience is that I was head-hunted for this role and did not actually seek it out on my own volition.

The first thing that seemed to be going wrong for me was the level of tension between the CEO and myself. He seemed to be particularly uninterested and more adamant on picking apart my CV and trying to trip me up rather than trying to understand why I would be suitable for the role and what I could bring to the organisation. This led to me feeling as though I was justifying every decision I had ever made academically.

Secondly – and an issue that is extremely common in panel interviews – the interviewers, of which there were three, were almost clones of one another with all three of them wearing the exact same clothes and acting in the same way. This suggests to an external party that the CEO is either particularly influential and inspires others to act like him, or the company prefers a very particular dress code. Judging on my experience, the former is unlikely.

Finally, a point that is vital to my predicted lack of success, the CEO did not listen and seemed to lack any understanding of what I was saying. This in itself is extremely frustrating, as it shows an ego that soars through the clouds and represents a mind that had seemed to wander through them too. At the end of the interview, the CEO almost seemed to be diminishing the role in what seemed like an attempt to put me off, which was extremely disheartening and quite frankly very awkward to endure.

So that’s the lowdown of my first bad interview. I have yet to hear back from the company but was promised feedback through the recruitment specialist who initially contacted me. I know lots of people have similar stories, please share them if you’re comfortable!


Author: alexjameswise

A university student who enjoys reading and writing.

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