The next move

Wednesday was a big day for me, as I graduated with a BA in Management and Business. Whilst I am fortunate in the fact that I still have my MSc in Human Resource Management to undertake before I will be searching for a job, the thought of actually having no education after this point is absolutely terrifying.

As the first person in my family to attend university and obtain a degree, there was no family pressure whatsoever – to the point in which there was almost too little pressure to do anything – and this “allowed” me to go in whichever direction I saw fit. Whilst freedom is a wonderful thing, in this regard it was extremely daunting and whilst I don’t regret the direction I went in, I really fear for the future.

I know what I want to do, but getting to that point is going to be a big challenge as I feel very alone in this journey. This next chapter is going to be particularly difficult and is very daunting, but here’s hoping that it’s worthwhile.


Author: alexjameswise

A university student who enjoys reading and writing.

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