My girlfriend’s accomplishment

It isn’t often I get the chance to be this proud of someone so I thought I would relish this feeling the best way I know how; by writing a small piece on it!

My girlfriend will be graduating today with a 2:1 in her degree and I am possibly the proudest human alive on our good planet. As a couple we have had struggles throughout our university years and she and I have both combated personal demons that at times could have ruined our chance to obtain our degrees and could have destroyed our states of mind simultaneously.

Today however, is the day that makes it all seem worth it. She will be sitting there with her robe on, scroll in hand, sipping prosecco like there is no tomorrow and she will be feeling almost as proud of herself as I feel of her. All I can hope for now is just as much skill and happiness throughout her Masters degree, which I have no doubt she will achieve a wonderful grade in.

Today is all about you, Alexia. You’ve earned this victory. Savour it.


Author: alexjameswise

A university student who enjoys reading and writing.

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