I was once described as savage, can you believe? At the time I thought it was a little unreasonable and now I believe it to be downright, well, savage.

The reason behind this was because of a girlfriend I had a few years ago. We were dating for a good few months, mainly long-distance and things just began to fall apart and feelings (that were not particularly strong to begin with) dwindled on my part into pretty much nothing. My solution to this – I attempted to break up with her in person when I went to see her, I explained the situation and she asked for us to attempt a form of break instead.

At the time I had very little faith in the idea of a break – though my perception has dramatically changed in very recent times – as I didn’t have feelings for this person anymore and I couldn’t really understand how time apart would remedy this. As expected, time indeed make no impact on my feelings and they remained the same, so a week after this break was initiated I called her on Skype and explained the situation, ended the relationship and cut off all contact as fast as I could as I believe this was to everybody’s best interest in this particular situation.

My friend however disagreed massively and said I was extremely harsh and savage.

To me, dragging out a relationship and lying about my feelings would have been a lot more savage and would have been of no benefit to either of us in that situation. From this I took the following; is savagery in the context of humanity and emotion different to that within other contexts, or was what I did simply savage or not so? In my mind, a more savage response would have been to lie in order to seemingly spare feelings.

Does cowardice play a part in our perceptions of savagery or was there simply a difference in opinion?


Author: alexjameswise

A university student who enjoys reading and writing.

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