When most of us think of what tethering means, we have quite a negative perspective of how it can be applied to our own lives. Most people – in my humble experience – see being tethered as being constrained and feeling almost imprisoned. What if being tethered simply wasn’t this big evil construct weighing down on us, keeping us from progressing down a particular road?

When we tether an object, we do so to keep it same and to keep it from moving in a direction in which it shouldn’t be going. For all intents and purposes, being tethered is an extremely positive thing when it comes to the physical possessions in our lives, it keeps them close to us and stops them from disappearing!

Why then do we have these negative perceptions about being ‘tethered down’? Surely if we apply the same logic to ourselves as we do to our possessions in that positive regard (and we should always view one another more positively than we do possessions) then it isn’t such a bad thing after all. To truly understand this believe though, we need to look at why we feel as though we are tethered down in the first place. From what I’ve seen within my own life and in other people’s lives, the tethering is usually performed by the individual who ends up feeling as though they are ‘tethered’.

Would it be easy to cut this tether if we really wanted to? Or does this bring us back to the original point, that a tether is actually a safety feature built in to some of us? Share your thoughts.


Author: alexjameswise

A university student who enjoys reading and writing.

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