This prompt is marvellous in the way it begs for such an obvious answer from me and that answer is quite simply, train journeys.

My girlfriend lives in Newcastle when she’s not studying at the same university as me and whenever she goes home for the holidays I tend to visit her and to get there, I use the train. The journey usually takes a little over two and a half hours and involves one change. The first part is mediocre at best as it is more often than not, an old train that was designed for short journeys. The second part of the journey, the one hour and thirty five minutes is absolutely wonderful. Being able to sit silently beside the window and watch the world fall away as you pass is possibly the most magnificent feeling anybody can exist.

I personally forget how much beauty there is within the UK until these train journeys. You experience a multitude of different feelings when passing certain areas, particularly farmland! Farmland and the houses which reside within these areas have a way of transporting you into a dream. You dream of a time in which you can own one of these large, rustic houses and dream of a time in which you can be happy with your partner and potentially children and just enjoy life for a long while!

Being a passenger on a train has allowed me to be transported to states of mind which I never thought possibly beforehand. For your own sake, ensure that you enjoy a train journey. At least once.


Author: alexjameswise

A university student who enjoys reading and writing.

2 thoughts on “Passenger”

  1. I love taking trains. Its definitely a different feeling compared to being a passenger on a plane or a car or a subway. It also gives a certain feeling of excitement when you first start entering a new city/town cuz theres much more to see from a different angle


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