The next move

Wednesday was a big day for me, as I graduated with a BA in Management and Business. Whilst I am fortunate in the fact that I still have my MSc in Human Resource Management to undertake before I will be searching for a job, the thought of actually having no education after this point is absolutely terrifying.

As the first person in my family to attend university and obtain a degree, there was no family pressure whatsoever – to the point in which there was almost too little pressure to do anything – and this “allowed” me to go in whichever direction I saw fit. Whilst freedom is a wonderful thing, in this regard it was extremely daunting and whilst I don’t regret the direction I went in, I really fear for the future.

I know what I want to do, but getting to that point is going to be a big challenge as I feel very alone in this journey. This next chapter is going to be particularly difficult and is very daunting, but here’s hoping that it’s worthwhile.


My girlfriend’s accomplishment

It isn’t often I get the chance to be this proud of someone so I thought I would relish this feeling the best way I know how; by writing a small piece on it!

My girlfriend will be graduating today with a 2:1 in her degree and I am possibly the proudest human alive on our good planet. As a couple we have had struggles throughout our university years and she and I have both combated personal demons that at times could have ruined our chance to obtain our degrees and could have destroyed our states of mind simultaneously.

Today however, is the day that makes it all seem worth it. She will be sitting there with her robe on, scroll in hand, sipping prosecco like there is no tomorrow and she will be feeling almost as proud of herself as I feel of her. All I can hope for now is just as much skill and happiness throughout her Masters degree, which I have no doubt she will achieve a wonderful grade in.

Today is all about you, Alexia. You’ve earned this victory. Savour it.



I was once described as savage, can you believe? At the time I thought it was a little unreasonable and now I believe it to be downright, well, savage.

The reason behind this was because of a girlfriend I had a few years ago. We were dating for a good few months, mainly long-distance and things just began to fall apart and feelings (that were not particularly strong to begin with) dwindled on my part into pretty much nothing. My solution to this – I attempted to break up with her in person when I went to see her, I explained the situation and she asked for us to attempt a form of break instead.

At the time I had very little faith in the idea of a break – though my perception has dramatically changed in very recent times – as I didn’t have feelings for this person anymore and I couldn’t really understand how time apart would remedy this. As expected, time indeed make no impact on my feelings and they remained the same, so a week after this break was initiated I called her on Skype and explained the situation, ended the relationship and cut off all contact as fast as I could as I believe this was to everybody’s best interest in this particular situation.

My friend however disagreed massively and said I was extremely harsh and savage.

To me, dragging out a relationship and lying about my feelings would have been a lot more savage and would have been of no benefit to either of us in that situation. From this I took the following; is savagery in the context of humanity and emotion different to that within other contexts, or was what I did simply savage or not so? In my mind, a more savage response would have been to lie in order to seemingly spare feelings.

Does cowardice play a part in our perceptions of savagery or was there simply a difference in opinion?


It isn’t often that I start a post with a photo – but I thought these photos from my day at the beach today deserved a little attention.

My girlfriend and I have been getting weighed down recently because of our increasingly demanding jobs that we seem to have gained simultaneously, so we decided that we needed a quick and easy getaway whilst we were still capable. What better place than the beach?!

The weather was absolutely fantastic as you can see from the photos the sky was gorgeous, the sailors were in full swing and the fair was buzzing while we were there. Fish and chips were consumed along with ice cream and doughnuts, money was wasted in the arcades and stones were skipped (kind of) along the water.

I could go on about how amazing the day was and explain every second of it in detail, but I would much rather you all just simply took half a day and kept it just for an event like this, enjoying the beach with your loved ones is something that should never be treated as a minor event. I’ve had one of the best days I have had in a particularly long time, and these are the things that keep me going.


I just wanted to take a minute express my utmost gratitude to the people who take the time to enjoy my work and appreciate the time and effort I put into my posts. I have been pleasantly surprised with the level of response I have received to my previous posts and I thought it high-time that you all know how much I love doing this.

Writing is one of the few things in life that I actually feel as though I am good at and to receive likes, comments and praise for being able to do something I adore is quite simply the icing on the cake.

I will be devoting more time to writing and will be making much more time to interact with my fellow bloggers.

Once again, thank you so much for the support and I hope I continue to amuse you or cause a little inward reflection.



When most of us think of what tethering means, we have quite a negative perspective of how it can be applied to our own lives. Most people – in my humble experience – see being tethered as being constrained and feeling almost imprisoned. What if being tethered simply wasn’t this big evil construct weighing down on us, keeping us from progressing down a particular road?

When we tether an object, we do so to keep it same and to keep it from moving in a direction in which it shouldn’t be going. For all intents and purposes, being tethered is an extremely positive thing when it comes to the physical possessions in our lives, it keeps them close to us and stops them from disappearing!

Why then do we have these negative perceptions about being ‘tethered down’? Surely if we apply the same logic to ourselves as we do to our possessions in that positive regard (and we should always view one another more positively than we do possessions) then it isn’t such a bad thing after all. To truly understand this believe though, we need to look at why we feel as though we are tethered down in the first place. From what I’ve seen within my own life and in other people’s lives, the tethering is usually performed by the individual who ends up feeling as though they are ‘tethered’.

Would it be easy to cut this tether if we really wanted to? Or does this bring us back to the original point, that a tether is actually a safety feature built in to some of us? Share your thoughts.



Searching for new ideas can be extremely difficult in any situation should the mood not be right. Whether it’s in a theoretical, practical or intellectual sense, finding ideas can be extremely hard. With this in mind, I think it’s about time I addressed my overwhelming jealousy of people who seem to be able to pluck ideas from the deepest depths of their minds.

Now, the reason I use the term ‘seem’ is because I am well aware that these ideas generally come from a deep understanding of the area in which they are thinking up ideas for and that’s what amazes me. Understanding a topic is a wonderful thing and quite possibly an extremely underrated thing within society, but to be able to actually come up with new ideas and seem to pluck them from nowhere is just magical. Not only does it require understanding, it requires a level of self-believe and charisma that is not often seen. Many of us may have these ideas but simply have little faith in their ability that we push them aside as quickly as they enter our minds.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but to use the word ‘pluck’ in this context seems almost unfair to the people who actually have these ideas, no matter how simple or complex. Plucking by definition is the act of taking something and quickly removing it from its place. Now I have had a few ideas in the past and I refuse to believe that they were simply ‘plucked’, more that they were painstakingly toyed and tinkered with until I felt they were refined enough to actually voice and even then, they were not always heeded.

I don’t intend to suggest that people who use this term are using it to cause offence, of course not, often it is used in admiration! The issue I believe is present is just this particular word seems to diminish something which we probably all diminish every day. An invention, design or creation of a new concept that quite possibly is original to that particular thinker. An idea, whether it seems mighty or small, should be given the due credit it deserves.