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In the past few years, since I have been from around the age of 16 – pregnancies amongst people I know have become extremely common. People I never thought would even want to have children, people who have always wanted children and people who have never held an opinion on the matter have all seemed to fall pregnant. Do people really understand the responsibility that goes with having a baby?

People understand the basic physical needs of a child pretty easily as we’re all trained to a small degree without really knowing it, through the use of observation and even playing with dolls at a young age. I’ve heard an absolutely insane range of reasons as to why people treat their children in the way they do, and this is why I believe there should be a lot more support for the soon-to-be mother – ideally for the father too but we’ll take baby steps! (I’m sorry, that pun was just waiting to be used)

I have never believed that anybody I know is a truly unfit parent – though unfit parents certainly exist. I simply believe that the parents I know lack enough education on the matter.

One thing I have heard over and over again is people saying things such as “I can’t believe how quickly I was left alone with my child” and “What do I do now?”. This, in my opinion of course, isn’t pleasant for anybody involved. I would love to see a society in which we are at least a little more prepared for the next 18 years of raising a child.


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