Pace Oddity

Pace Oddity

Normally I would think of a particularly witty answer to a post like this, but I only have one real answer to offer this time. I wish more than anything that I could slow down time with my girlfriend.

Whenever we are together time seems to always fly. We can spend all day just talking about absolute rubbish or we can sit in silence watching movies and the time just seems to escape us constantly. Even when we spend a few days together constantly we still end up wishing we had more time together.

I never really used to think that I could enjoy someone’s company as much as I enjoy hers, even when we’ve argued or one of us is feeling a little bit nuts (I say one of us but it’s usually her). Even though we’ve only been dating for a few months I really do enjoy every minute with her and find it difficult to imagine a life without her, which I suppose is both good and bad.

Slowing down time with her would just be magnificent.