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One thing I often feel quite sad about is that it seems to take an enormous amount of effort to have people congregate in order to socialise. In my earlier teenage years, people would be dying to hang out! They’d love any opportunity to do something and craved making new friends. This however, no longer seems to be the case. People often state that they don’t see many people and it upsets them but when offered the opportunity, they find excuses.

It sucks.

I would love the chance to be able to socialise with people more, it’s pretty easy to feel like you’re swamped under – especially as a student when it feels as though you’re doing everything and getting so little in return.

I think I need a good chance to congregate, feel like I’m a part of something.




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I’ve always had an issue with those people who insist upon something being done because I’ve found that it is not often necessary to insist upon something. In my previous roles I was often asked to perform a variety of tasks, as we all are at some point, and found myself generally being more than happy to undertake these tasks.

The act of being told what to do and how to do it made these acts a lot more difficult to complete solely due to the demand rather than the request.

This isn’t my way of stating that hierarchy is evil or anything of that sort. If there is a mutual respect between two people, there will be very few instances in which anything needs to be insisted and the majority of us know that when somebody asks us to do something there often isn’t really a choice but we appreciate the gesture!

My advice would always be that if you’re constantly insisting on things being a certain way, you’re the problem and should seek to change.

Peer mentoring

Peer mentors

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Those of you who actively follow my musings, you’ll know that I am a mentor in a peer mentoring scheme within my university. Those of you who don’t, well there’s another fact about me right there.

For those of you who don’t know what peer mentoring is, it’s quite simple. The mentor has experience in a field that the mentee is about to experience and it is the responsibility of the peer mentor to ensure that the gaining of that experience is as fulfilling and successful as possible.

The reason peer mentoring is so successful is because it allows people to build friendships and networks, whilst taking away the potential intimidation of a professional/person in authority as you’re learning from a peer. Generally we all undertake peer mentoring at some point whether this is in an official or unofficial capacity. Our workplace may set it up, or we may simply ask a friend for help on that diabolical question or upcoming interview.

The reason for this rambling is because I believe that we should all strive to mentor those around us a little. Mentoring is not difficult by any means – all you need to have done is gained knowledge in an area and be willing to spend a few minutes imparting that knowledge onto an individual. I can assure you that it is rewarding for both mentor and mentee and will undoubtedly assist you in the future.

If anybody likes the sound of that or knows somebody who could use a little mentoring and you need a little introduction into the area, let me know!

How to end the day

So this here is my bed. Most of us go to bed wondering what we could have done differently throughout the day and probably get quite annoyed even though we can do very little at this moment in time.

What if – hear me out – we used that moment while we’re in bed to think about the things that went right?! I know this sounds easy, but most people just don’t really think to do it because it takes a little practice. My sleep improved drastically after I started going to sleep a little more content due to my acknowledgement of the little things!

Today I was quite ill but I managed to get some work done, saw my girlfriend and managed to have a healthy dinner. I didn’t conquer Everest or go to the gym today, but I’m still alive! Not doing something didn’t kill me.

As I’ve said before, enjoy the small victories.



Enroll Today

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One of my regrets within my university life is not enrolling on to more activities and opportunities. I waited until my final year which was a silly mistake looking back.

Now I’m a mentor to foundation level students and also a trained volunteer who helps in keeping people safe when they’re on a night out at the campus nightclub. Both these opportunities are absolutely fantastic and have made me feel like I’m making a different within the campus and to be honest, I have met a load of great people and enjoy doing it.

My advice to any students and people with spare time on their hands is to get into volunteering. I understand that for some people it’s difficult to make the time due to other commitments and issues, but most of us can spare a couple of hours a week. It’s fun to get involved with, helps others more vulnerable than yourself and often enhances your employability – everyone wins!




Normally I would put an insightful, deep, thoughtful post as my prompt for the day. Not today. Look how pretty I am!

Possibly one of the proudest moments of my life, passing my driving test and being permitted to roam these scary streets behind the wheel of a deadly piece of machinery. True happiness. My driving success was actually something that took me by surprise, as I am in no way a practically minded person I thought I would be terrible. However after only 4 months of lessons, I passed first time with only one minor.

Learning to drive was probably the first instance in which I started to feel like an adult. Being able to sit behind the wheel, driving my very own car. It’s something I don’t really take for granted, for which I’m thankful!

To some people, passing your driving test is just one of a number of things that will happen in your life and you don’t think much of it. To others however, it’s one of them rare times in you can quite rapidly see the progress you’re making and you begin to understanding that you’re good at something and will quite soon be gratified as a consequence.

Enjoy your victories, no matter the size.

iPhone musings

So I thought I’d give the app a go, I often get random fleeting thoughts that I often forget before I am able to get to my computer and it breaks my big old heart!

I have a nephew now. This has been the case for 3 months and it just hit me, I am a part of this child’s life and I honestly have no idea how to interact with infants. I am hoping to have children one day and that day will probably be a while yet – when I look at this gorgeous little lad though I can’t help but think “Should I be doing something to better understand what to do?”

I know that I could be overthinking my role but as we’ve not had a newborn in the family for over 18 years, it’s certainly worth a little thought.

Would love to hear about any experiences you folks have with nieces and nephews and other young’uns!