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Rumination – the art of deep thinking

Rumination is arguably one of the most focused upon skills we are taught. We are taught to ruminate about more or less all topics, as soon as we are capable of such thought. We are taught to ponder upon philosophy, art, music, life, the future, love and loss. There is little doubt that rumination has its place in the world. However, what we seem to forget is that the opposite has just as much of a place.

To ruminate, in my opinion, is a very difficult habit to break – most likely because of how much emphasis is placed on such thought. You may be wondering: why should this habit be broken? and you would be fair to question! To think deeply is to wonder, to wonder is to be amazed and to be amazed is, well, amazing.

Being able to wonder why something is the way it is is glorious. The act of wondering has the potential of allowing our imaginations to run wild; think back to childhood. How does Santa deliver all of those presents in one night? How does the tooth fairy sneak away unnoticed? Why is the sky blue?
Wondering and knowing are a dynamic duo capable of causing great satisfaction and great pain. In my childhood, I remember each of these questions being answered and also remember a sadness from knowing.

It wouldn’t be fair or correct to suggest that knowledge is something we should try and hide from, as obviously that’s rubbish! However, if you have the opportunity to allow someone’s imagination to thrive for a little while longer, I believe it would be unfair to deny them the pleasure of wondering. Very few people wonder as much as they are doing right now at this time in their lives. Ignorance can indeed be bliss.

To ruminate for the purpose of the answer is to starve ones self of one of the greatest pleasures in life. Wonder.



I was going to aim for some form of intense eloquence and intellect when creating a piece regarding this daily prompt but then thought, what the hell – lets make it real!

So recently I’ve gained a little weight and as a consequence I tend to jiggle a little bit more than I used to. I used to have a lot more time on my hands before I started working and focusing on university work – which is to be expected naturally, but it means that I have a lot less time to work out to the extent that I used to.

Whilst I have gained a little weight, I’m not gaining weight in a way which should cause concern. The point of this post is to reassure people that you’re going to change and develop. Your priorities are going to shift and you’re going to find yourself going through phases of having more time, then less, then more. This is natural! If your weight starts to slip a little, don’t worry about it. You can change your diet, cook a few vegetables up with a bit of chicken (or your vegetarian equivalent) and you’re sorted – healthy meal right there.

I want it to be understood that I’m not advocating letting yourself go, that would be foolish, I’m simply stating that there are so many more dimensions to a person than their weight. Learn to put up with a bit of jiggle from time to time! Your diet may go a little off track, your plans may overwhelm you a little, life may simply get in the way as it so often does regarding any issue.

What matters is that you realise that a little jiggle here and there isn’t the end of the world in the least.

New idea

As I’m hoping to get back into writing posts once more, I had an idea for something that could be very interesting! I may begin writing ideas and theories based on my university studies – Management and Business

I have always loved the idea of sharing thoughts about the subject but haven’t had as much time as I’d like until now. If anybody has any thoughts on this then please feel free to share! I will also of course, be publishing non-academic posts as I do find a great pleasure in that. This is just an idea for something that could maybe help everybody involved.

I’ll keep you updated, but thank you kindly in advance.



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In the past few years, since I have been from around the age of 16 – pregnancies amongst people I know have become extremely common. People I never thought would even want to have children, people who have always wanted children and people who have never held an opinion on the matter have all seemed to fall pregnant. Do people really understand the responsibility that goes with having a baby?

People understand the basic physical needs of a child pretty easily as we’re all trained to a small degree without really knowing it, through the use of observation and even playing with dolls at a young age. I’ve heard an absolutely insane range of reasons as to why people treat their children in the way they do, and this is why I believe there should be a lot more support for the soon-to-be mother – ideally for the father too but we’ll take baby steps! (I’m sorry, that pun was just waiting to be used)

I have never believed that anybody I know is a truly unfit parent – though unfit parents certainly exist. I simply believe that the parents I know lack enough education on the matter.

One thing I have heard over and over again is people saying things such as “I can’t believe how quickly I was left alone with my child” and “What do I do now?”. This, in my opinion of course, isn’t pleasant for anybody involved. I would love to see a society in which we are at least a little more prepared for the next 18 years of raising a child.




Jokes – little comments, images or moments in life that allow us to have a giggle. What could be more satisfying than that? Some jokes are just so terrible that they are hilarious, whilst others require an insane amount of intellect to understand (which often makes the joke sink).

However, there are some “jokes” that are not funny in the least. I thought I’d take advantage of this opportunity to raise awareness of how making a “joke” about a certain topic can crush people beyond belief. Obviously there are times in which jokes can relieve tension and yes, some jokes may be a little close to the bone dependent on your sense of humour – but we always know when a joke is no longer a joke, judging by the context it is used in and the reaction it sparks from others.

People seem to forget how closely bullying and lying can relate to joking. People seem to be able to cover all manner of idiocy and cruelty by simply saying it was a joke. “Joking” about people with glasses, people who are overweight, people with insecurities. These are all forms of “joke” that are totally unacceptable.

Don’t get me wrong – I have a great sense of humour and know how to take things light heartedly. I’m not stating that people should constantly be super vigilant of what they say to others, only that they use a little common sense. A general rule of thumb is generally “would I want to be the subject of this?”

Make all the jokes you will, laughing really does make the world go round! Just remember to think a little before you open your mouth, or send that picture or message. What may be a joke to you, could really impact someone else.

Pace Oddity

Pace Oddity

Normally I would think of a particularly witty answer to a post like this, but I only have one real answer to offer this time. I wish more than anything that I could slow down time with my girlfriend.

Whenever we are together time seems to always fly. We can spend all day just talking about absolute rubbish or we can sit in silence watching movies and the time just seems to escape us constantly. Even when we spend a few days together constantly we still end up wishing we had more time together.

I never really used to think that I could enjoy someone’s company as much as I enjoy hers, even when we’ve argued or one of us is feeling a little bit nuts (I say one of us but it’s usually her). Even though we’ve only been dating for a few months I really do enjoy every minute with her and find it difficult to imagine a life without her, which I suppose is both good and bad.

Slowing down time with her would just be magnificent.