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In the past couple of years, Britain has seen what are (in my opinion) dark times regarding those who we would call ‘foreign’.

Personally, I can’t imagine how we can expect to have a more understanding world if we’re determined to keep building these monstrous walls and erecting barriers to shut the outside world off from us. Globalisation is an incredible thing and we’d undoubtedly not have any of the technology or culture we currently have without opening our minds and arms to it.

It would be easy to turn this into a mega-rant regarding the state of the world, but we’re all probably aware of this and have been for some time.

Quite simply, I will always have a large amount of time dedicated to understanding others that we would call ‘foreigner’ and in my experience they have much more to contribute to society in terms of both resources and culture than the majority of citizens who are from this country.

I can’t fathom living in a country that would be so stubborn as to blame a foreigner for their own shortcomings, purely because it feels as though it’s the easiest thing to do.




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I’ve never believed that a particular object can bring you luck beyond its function, but I have recently started to believe that there are certain objects that may make you feel more lucky and as a consequence bring on more favourable outcomes.

For me, this object is my Prostate Cancer UK badge. Whenever I have an event to go to, job interview, presentation, any smart event, this little guy will sit on the left side of my chest watching the world go by. The badge itself is to help raise awareness of prostate cancer, a charity focused upon the the discovery and treatment and prostate cancer.

I bought this little badge as a spontaneous charitable act, and thought it’d be nice to wear. I didn’t think much of it initially. It then however became a talking point for people who were curious, even children started asking about it when I was teaching. This badge helped me to build a rapport with people whilst also allowing me to convey a message about a fantastic cause.

This little badge helped me realise that awareness isn’t always about grand campaigns, it’s about being informed and being able to briefly mention what the cause is, hopefully inspiring others to donate a small amount of money or raise awareness in their own way.

It’s funny how we gain an attachment to these talismans. I do believe that we create our own luck a large amount of the time, but these little objects are certainly a way of helping to focus that luck.

If you’d like to buy a pin to support Prostate Cancer UK, please click the source at the beginning of this post.



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Source: Overcoming Social Anxiety

There are not many things that can be considered on worse or even on par with being bullied. Being a victim of bullying is horrifying and often leaves scars that the victim will carry their whole lives.

What about invisibility?

There are those people who float through life barely being noticed or acknowledged and we only seem to notice when something bad happens to them. The people in our classes or workplaces that are unable to interact with others, the people in our student accommodation who are not seen for a week and nobody questions it, the people who are just trying to get by and potentially have a day with of somebody saying hi.

I’m at a point in my life in which I have very few friends, but know what it’s like to have people make an effort to chat to you throughout the day and even just wave if they’re unable to spare the time. I can’t imagine being invisible.

We can never claim to know what someone is feeling, though fortunately there is a way in which we can gain this information – we can ask. Whether or not that person tells us the truth is only part of the story – making the effort to extend that ‘how are you?’ could be the difference between that person having a good day or a bad day. Isn’t that incentive enough?

If anything is to be taken away, it isn’t that you should engage in conversation with every single person your gaze falls upon. No, simply that if you notice somebody who seems to be sitting on their own, throw them a wave or a smile. What may seem like nothing to you, may be all someone else wants.




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We have a very odd relationship with the identical image we see when we look at ourselves in the mirror. Pretty much everybody I’ve ever met seems to be guilty of this and it’s nothing to be ashamed of in the least. Why do we hate our reflection?!

I say we because I’m the same. I can be feeling great when I wake up, feeling like a gorgeous model-like guy then as soon as I see a mirror all I can seem to do is tear myself apart. How silly.

Personally, I’m quite sure that we see what we think we’re going to see. We associate our reflection with being a negative thing and sure enough, that negative thing is what we see. We could change this. We could stop relying on mirrors for the truth and start relying on the ones we care about.

For some reason a lot of us are shy about complimenting people. This seems to be the case with men a lot – guys can’t seem to compliment other guys because it may make them seem feminine but are also scared to compliment women for this same reason. I am a man and can’t notice anything womanly about a woman because I am not a woman. Typical male bullshit.

Fortunately, I’m quite camp and it works for me. I used to be quite paranoid about acting a little camp. No longer. I see my friend walk in and I compliment her new haircut, she’s happy and I’m happy. What’s wrong with that?

Health, Nutrition and Well-being event

Source: University of Hull

Today I was given the opportunity to talk about my volunteering and what it means to me in a room full of people who were all genuinely interested. What a feeling!

For those of you follow my work you’ll be able to assume how much my volunteering means to me and how I think it’s making a difference every week. I would always encourage people to volunteer – it isn’t a large commitment and can be the simple act of helping someone with their work for an hour or two a week!

I’ve always strongly believed that physical health, nutrition and mental health have a very close relationship and are deeply intertwined. My diet has been going on for around 3 weeks now and I’ve felt a change in myself, I’ve been able to be more productive and I’ve lost weight as well which is always a fantastic bonus. I took a couple of things away from today which I think are really important to acknowledge – I won’t focus on them too much as they’re self-explanatory:

  • Never assume to know what somebody used to be like or what they’re going through currently – better yet, just don’t assume.
  • Mental health will not become a higher priority in people’s minds unless we acknowledge in the same as we physical health.
  • Stir fry is the ultimate food.

Talking to folks on the well-being stall today helped me further understand that we can be our own harshest critics. Stumbling is still forward movement.



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Source: The Balance

Initially I was a struggling a little for what to say regarding this prompt, then I found a little inspiration.

You folks!

There are not many instances in which I have blushed – I genuinely don’t think many people have complimented me, if I have blushed it’s mainly because I’ve done something a little embarrassing.

The one thing that makes me blush now however is the appreciation and the great responses I receive from you folks. This blog was and is one of my favourite things to spend time on, hence my thoughts regarding potential podcasts. The initial reason for this blog was to get things off my chest and say things that I wouldn’t ordinarily have the opportunity to say.

This has now evolved.

Now, I really love writing for you guys. I can’t say that I have a large follower count, but what I can say is that I receive some great feedback and compliments regarding my posts. I have a small handful of followers, yet sometimes I’ll see those with 50x my follower count receiving the same level of response as I – that’s fantastic!

It’s great to see that I can have an impact on the blogging community whilst also doing something I really care about. Ultimately, I just want to say thank you. You’re a fantastic bunch of people and whenever I least expect it, I’ll see a post that’ll knock me off my feet and that’s a feeling I believe I’ll have for an especially long time.

You folks are the best.

You can have a bad day

Bad Day

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So this post I feel will somewhat link with my earlier post regarding how a bad morning doesn’t necessarily mean you’re destined to have a bad day – a post which you can find here.

In an ideal world, nobody would ever have a bad day and the world would be fantastic but sadly these days do happen! Sometimes you wake up and no matter what happens, you’re just upset or annoyed and things don’t go your way. We’ve all had this and we’ll have it again, it’s crap but here we are.

I just wanted to remind you of something – you can have a bad day.

No matter who you are, your occupation, personality, normal mood, lifestyle, beliefs, you are more than entitled to have a bad day without having to feel bad about it! There are definitely things we can try to improve throughout the day in order to try and feel a little better but sometimes a bad day is just inevitable for reasons beyond our control.

I think analysing how things could be a little different next time is great, but as with everything in life you need to moderate how far you go with this. I’ve personally thought about situations so much that I’ve ended up just getting even more irate and feeling so damn low.

Ever had that day where you don’t want to see anybody? I certainly have. Usually, I’ve been bored for a large amount of that day because I do really enjoy engaging with people. I soon remember that even though I was bored because of it, I did kind of need to be bored for a little while.

Life is far too stressful to only give yourself a break once in a while.